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The Road to Success.

When success comes quickly, as a result of hard work meeting opportunity, one tends to forget that it may not always continue on trend. While one success often leads directly into the next – visitors such as complacency burn out, self-doubt and too much information can disrupt the home that success has inhabited up to that point.

Like me, most people do not “hit it big” time based on one idea, achievement or skill (e.g.: Mark Zuckerberg). We were not born knowing what we wanted to do, and we tend to take a more circuitous route toward building skills, exposing ourselves to new opportunities and hoping to find our professional/personal purpose.

In an article published by the Harvard Business Review – University of Chicago economist, David Glen, is cited as saying that “…In a world where early achievers are so lavishly rewarded, it’s hard to maintain confidence if your process is a slower and more deliberate one.

The Road to success...www.haynesgs.comA slow process does not mean you will not be or have not been successful. Give yourself more credit “will ya”! Success should not always be based on “hitting it big” in a certain time frame scenario. You may miss the timeline. Success can be little “yay” moments that will help lead you to where you want to be. (I love my little yay moments).

I have conversations with many people that are, “not feeling it”, in the “success” arena, not happy where they currently are or feeling “unsuccessful”. Society has ingrained in us that we need to be wealthy in order to be successful. Unfortunately, that has gotten people, “way off track”. Success does not have to be financial, it could be personal achievements, it could be relationships, it could be family, it could be fulfilling your passions and dreams, and it could be your health and fitness level. I know many successful people that are not wealthy but are rich in their own right. And the worst thing you can do is chase the “moola”. Success is made by serving others, and in turn, you will reap the rewards of financial success.

It’s not easy traveling down the roads of patience, calculated risk and uncertainty. You must stay flexible because as we know, the road to success is always under construction. You will get distracted, change your mind or someone or something will throw a tree in the middle of the road. So, Get ready for pitfalls, detours, and delays. Stop worrying about failure. Don’t let failure define you. The road to success is not a straight line, it’s over mountains and down in the valleys and it’s about getting some flat tires. You are not about to throw your car away because it got a flat, are you? Stay focused. Fix that flat tire, get back behind the wheel and keep moving. With persistence, consistency and belief, you will most certainly get there. And trust that these mile-markers will lead you to powerful new personal and professional breakthroughs as long as you don’t allow the hurdle of self-doubt to slow down your ride. And, when all else fails, remind yourself that:


I couldn’t wait for success, so I went ahead without it. ~ Jonathan Winters


See you at the Top!

Wishing you ultimate success in whatever you choose “It” to be!