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We have special expertise in sales, consulting, procurement, business/supplier development, project management and outsourcing for the  OIL & GAS, MINING, CHEMICALS, MILITARY, AEROSPACE and CONSTRUCTION Sectors.
Our professional staff includes veteran entrepreneurs, MBAs, certified sales process engineers and customer retention experts.

Known for the successful facilitation and bridging of relationships for suppliers and companies in need. Providing manufactured components, products and services from large, mid-size to small, in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Chemical and Construction Sectors. We can solve pretty much a full spectrum of needs, from sourcing of steel plate, to chemicals, to very large fabrication, machining, pressure vessel components, custom sized gears and gear boxes from large to the very small. With capabilities of value added services, including sub-assemblies to full turn-key capabilities and strategic products sourcing. The Suppliers we represent are passionate, qualified, with all levels of certifications and a well rounded understanding of clients needs, from ISO, to API , ABS and DNV certification and product compliance and data sheets. With the out most importance and respect for professionalism, quality, safety, pricing and timelines.


We are here to help you find a solution for your supply chain/procurement and supplier service needs.
-Increasing exposure to vendor/client services
-Turnkey Manufacturing and component supply
-Have a pinch point? We have a solution.
-Bringing Vendors and Companies in need together…A win win for all.
-Building Business Relationships
-Solving Sourcing & Procurement Needs
-Participate in due diligence processes
-Processes from Start to Finish


Traceability is a very important factor in choosing the shops/vendors that we represent. We make sure that the systems in place ensure, that your job and/or project is traced from beginning to end. Our work is not over until it reaches your front door. Our shops have a large material inventory and a network of facilities to ensure rapid turnaround, competitive pricing and the highest quality standards. Including shops that can provide turnkey solutions. We represent facilities with a wide range of capabilities, from cutting, painting, sand blasting, and testing, to the ability to mill and turn, small components, to “bread box” size, and to the extremely large.


Our job at Haynes Global never ceases. We will follow up and follow through whether we are engaged in a project or job that require our services our not. It is an important factor to longevity of our business to stay in touch with our current clients, past and future. We are and will always be accessible to your needs, and strive to establishing a communication that will remain so as long as we are in business.