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Business Development & Consulting in Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction and Aerospace. With focus on the production and manufacturing areas and in the sectors of Machining and Fabrication. We use research, interviews, and observations to conduct a comprehensive in depth service, which includes client and vendor pre-audits, audits and evaluation.


Process & Project Management. We identify specific needs, products and processes with our service team, and make it our goal, to help take your team and company to the next level.


Our Project & Process Management and expansive Consulting experience in a very important part of our services implementation. Once we have client interest and the specific vendors to facilitate that interest established, we oversee the implementation and process from start to finish.

Our Global Business

Our professional staff includes veteran entrepreneurs, management & process consultants, MBAs, certified process & quality engineers, and customer retention experts. We have special expertise in sales, consulting, procurement, business development and outsourcing in the International manufacturing Sectors.

Our Global Services

  • Due Diligence & Strategy Implementation
  • Analyzing & Identifying Needs
  • Project & Process Management
  • Building business relationships
  • Premier service benchmarking
  • Comprehensive Client & Vendor Consulting

Results Oriented

Our slogan is, “We Keep it Moving“, and we take deep pride in that. We are passionate about our business, about people and the business relationships we have with our clients, vendors, and our future clients. We will keep production moving, business moving, relationships moving and development moving, until we achieve “Results”.


3 Sales Strategies on; “The Follow Up”

3 Sales Strategies on; “The Follow-up”. Most of us have heard of or used the phrases. “I’m just touching base.” or “I’m just checking in” one time or another, in the past, or maybe still are? Are we playing baseball? I’ve noticed in my experience that it happens quite frequently. For me, the first step is definitely some sort of follow up. It’s a “must do”, and it’s crucial. Especially if you said you would. But, it also is more than just finding replacement phrases like “checking in.” or “following up”. When you leave messages like this with no substance or “meaty” content, your prospect deletes them or ignores them in a nanosecond. Worse yet, they see you as just another pesky salesperson. Clearly, that’s not good! Here’s the deal. To keep sales momentum alive, you need to provide value on every interaction — even a quick follow-up call. That means you need to rethink your entire callback or email strategy. Here are three approaches that have worked for me: 1. Re-emphasize the business value Your prospects will only change because of the impact you can have on their organization. Reiterate it. Remind them of how you can help. You might say: “Pat, in our previous conversation you mentioned how important it was to get going on this soon so you could realize the savings (eliminate redundancies, drive incremental growth) that you need by year end. Let’s set up time to talk so we can get you moving forward.” 2. Share ideas & insights Your prospects want to work with someone who’s constantly thinking about how they can improve... read more

Plan ahead: Let’s dominate 2017

Believe it or not, 2017 will be here before you know it, and as Inc. contributor, Lewis Howes explains, you’re better off not wait until New Year’s Eve to make your resolutions to improve your business or your life. Times have changed, things that you probably never imagined have happened. The past is the past, and there’s nothing you can do about that now, except to learn from it. Your life, your business, your employees and your family, are counting on you to forge forward, no matter what the circumstances, no matter what has happened. It may be time to “pivot” and change direction, or it may just be time to really get more laser focused on your tasks. Don’t wait until 2017 to plant those seeds, to “get going” or follow through on a commitment or resolution. You need to start now, even if it is only a few tiny steps. Begin now, so that you can be prepared for what 2017 may have in store for you. Unfortunately, I have witnessed many business owners, friends, family and colleagues that think praying will fix it all, hoping and wishing will do the trick. Thinking that if they “wait it out” things will get better, or the downturn of their industry or situation will turn around soon. And, even worse, is not caring at all, moving along as if nothing will ever happen, that we have all the time in the world. Pretty scary. Heck, I’m all for being optimistic and faithful, but being proactive and taking action is-by-far, the best solution. An article written a while back in... read more