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Business Development & Consulting in Oil & Gas, Mining, Chemicals, and Construction . With focus on the production and manufacturing areas and in the sectors of Machining and Fabrication. We use research, interviews, and observations to conduct a comprehensive in depth service, which includes client and vendor pre-audits, audits and evaluation.

Our Global Services

Building Business Relationships

Supply Chain Services 

Global Sourcing & Procurement


Project & Process Management


Our Project & Process Management and expansive Consulting experience in a very important part of our services implementation. Once we have client interest and the specific vendors to facilitate that interest established, we oversee the implementation and process from start to finish.

Our Global Business

Our professional staff includes veteran entrepreneurs, management & process consultants, MBAs, certified process & quality engineers, and customer retention experts. We have special expertise in sales, consulting, procurement, business development and outsourcing in the International manufacturing Sectors.


We identify specific needs, products & processes with our service team. We make it our goal to help take your team and company to the next level.

Results Oriented

We Keep it Moving“, and we take deep pride in that. We are passionate about our business,   about people and the business relationships we have with our clients, vendors, and our future clients. We will keep production moving, business moving, relationships moving and development moving, until we achieve “Results”.